Everything begins in the municipality of Alamos, Sonora, Mexico. Our agaves “Angustifolia Haw” are selected and cultivated with love for ourselves. These slowly cooked in clay ovens and volcanic stone.

A slow and meticulous distillation process combined with the care with which we cultivate our agaves, make Bacanora 42° highlight sweet tones and a robust and soft backward movement.


Young Bacanora
100% Agave (Angustifolia Pacífica)
Double distillation

Production place: Álamos Sonora, México.
Producer: Rodrigo Bojórquez Bours. (Master Mezcalier)
Volume of alcohol: 42 %
Methanol detected: 0 %

View: Crystalline, without waste. In the glass, a robust body with permanence is perceived.

Smell: Deep caramel aromas, toasted agave, wild flowers and moist earth.

Taste: Persistent notes of toasted agave, caramel, floral and mineral. Subtle and balanced aftertaste.



We know that everyone has their unique way of taking Bacanora 42°, but many would like to know different ways to generate the perfect drink for every occasion, that is why we provide some of them.